Last Updated: Friday, January 29, 2021

DYW publications: ‘What Could I be?

What is this?

​This series of newspaper supplements has been designed to help young people think about their future career options in the areas of ‘Law and Society’, ‘Food and Drink’ and ‘Building and Shaping’ the our environment. The supplements have been created by Education Scotland, the Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Qualifications Authority in association with the Herald and Times.

The resource provides practical advice, tools and case studies, including tracking progress, assessing risks and maximising accreditation. The guide is closely aligned to the newly developed Work Placements Standard and Career Education Standard (3-18)

Who is this for?

​These publications have been designed to assist young people in their consideration of future job and career opportunities. However the materials are also useful for anyone involved in career education of children and young people.

How to use this Learning and assessment resource to improve practice?

In using these resources the following reflective questions may be helpful:

  • To what extend do I engage children and young people in meaningful discussions about their future career aspirations and related skills development?
  • To what extend do I relate relevant learning experiences and skills development to labour market information and employment opportunities including entrepreneurship and self-employment?
  • To what extend do I facilitate young people’s learning and their ability to engage with a rapidly developing landscape of work/career and learning opportunities?
  • To what extend do I  work with partners such as  Skills Development Scotland, Community Learning and Development, employers, parents/carers etc. to realise the new standards for career education?
  • How do my plans address Equalities issues and help close the attainment gap?
  • To what extend do I deliver an appropriate, personalised curriculum that takes account of the individual needs of children and young people that  enhances the development of skills for learning, life and work in all settings?
  • How do I effectively align the young person’s studies, career aspirations, abilities and capabilities with any work placement?

Download (s)

PDF file:  What could I be?  Food and Drink (5.2 MB)

PDF file:  What could I be? Builders and shapers (4.6 MB)

PDF file:  What could I be? Law and Society (5.2 MB)