Last Updated: Thursday, June 27, 2019

Enterprise in Education

What is this?

​Enterprise in education is about taking an enterprising approach to teaching and learning. Enterprise encourages all young people to learn and develop in a way that meets their needs and develops skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

Who is this for?

​The materials are for practitioners working with children and young people in early learning and childcare, primary, secondary, and special schools.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice?

Reflective questions:

  • Through the learning experiences and opportunities I create, how am I helping young people develop skills which prepare them for their future career pathways and the world of work?
  • What could I do more of, less of, or differently?
  • In what ways can enterprise education help me realise the entitlements of children and young people outlined in the Career Education Standard 3 – 18?

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Children and young people need to be prepared for a world which is changing rapidly. Many of the jobs they will do when they leave school do not yet exist and they will probably have several jobs during their lifetime. They need to have the skills and attitudes to cope with an unpredictable future, to be able to deal with setbacks and disappointments in a positive way, and to continue to learn for the rest of their lives.

Scotland needs people who are enterprising and entrepreneurial whatever their chosen career path - young people who are prepared and ready for the world of work, including self-employment - equipped to make an effective transition from education to work and making a contribution to Scotland’s economy. From the earliest age, children have a natural ability to be enterprising and it is important for that ability to be nurtured throughout their education.

In response new standards and guidance materials have been implemented under the Developing the Young Workforce youth employment strategy which aim to enhance learners’ career education and the development of employability and career management skills.

Taking an enterprising approach

Good enterprising teaching and learning should:

  • provide opportunities for learners to think and act in enterprising ways
  • provide a clear focus on core and employability skills, and the ability to transfer these to different contexts, in particular the world of work
  • provide opportunities for work-related experiences, both in and outwith the classroom
    adopt an enterprising approach to learning and teaching
  • promote positive attitudes
  • provide opportunities for learners to develop skills such as problem solving, decision making and evaluating risks
  • provide entrepreneurial experiences.

Can't view this video? You can also view this clip on Glow (log-in required).

Can't view this video? You can also view this clip on Glow (log-in required).

The contribution enterprise in education makes to the personal growth of children and young people can enhance their life chances and choices. It can help them to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society and at work, with a clear understanding of their roles in the world.

Enterprise education also contributes to the realisation of the entitlement and expectations outlined within the Career Education Standard (3-18).