Last Updated: Friday, January 06, 2023

Equality and Equity Toolkit

What is this?

The Toolkit takes a look at the background and meaning of equity and equality, and how they impact on different people.

Who is this for?

Indented for use in all educational settings by early learning and childcare practitioners, teachers, practitioners who work with families, parents, children and young people, third sector and national organisations.

This toolkit has been developed to support early learning and childcare settings, schools and communities to understand the principles of equality and equity, identify priorities for action, and to implement and evaluate a plan which will create positive impact for all.

Explore this resource

The toolkit provides a range of resources to help practitioners work with their communities to address equality and equity as part of their improvement journey. These include:

  • guide to equality and equity
  • how equity and equality link to professional standards
  • Epstein’s Model for home, school and community partnership
  • evaluation and planning, including tools and examples
  • discussion points
  • audit tool
  • practical ideas for engaging more and different families
  • case studies
  • resources and signposting

Improvement questions

  • What do you understand by the term ‘equality and equity’?
  • What does equality and equity look like in your Early Learning and Childcare setting, school or community?
  • How can equality and equity be approached through the lens of a whole school community approach?
  • In what way can a distributive approach to evaluation lead to higher quality insight in your Equality and Equity improvement journey?
  • What support is available:
    • for your school community’s Equality and Equity plans
    • from your community or others’ experience?


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