Last Updated: Friday, February 12, 2021

ESOL - Initial assessment materials

What is this?

​These resources support the process of carrying out initial assessment of English language level with ESOL learners. 

Who is this for?

​These materials are for ESOL practitioners who work in a range of settings including community and college settings.

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

Assessing language level before learners begin an ESOL course is important. It helps to place the learner in the most appropriate class or provision. It gives learners a record of their language level before they begin. The Initial Assessment Guide was originally published in 2010 to support the standardisation of the initial assessment process. We encourage all providers to adopt the approaches and the principles of initial assessment as given in the guide.

The accompanying and additional materials can also be used to train practitioners in how to carry out initial assessment. The videos can also be used for continuing professional development purposes to ensure that practitioners have an understanding of the language levels.

Please use with current CLD and college guidance.

Download (s)

PDF file: Initial Assessment pack (3.5 MB)

PDF file: Additional Assessment pack (2.5 MB)

PDF file: Lower levels descriptors (301 KB)

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