Last Updated: Friday, December 09, 2022

Forces Children's Education

What is this?

This resource answers many of the questions asked by Armed Forces families moving to Scotland.

Who is this for?

Educators and Armed Forces parents.

​​This resource will assist educators in understanding learners’ life experiences and their various education journeys. It gives an appreciation of the issues around mobility and additional support needs, especially those arising from interrupted learning.

This resource and the accompanying links and documents were created in order to help educational establishments to appropriately support Armed Forces children. It also gives an introduction to the education system, providing an understanding of the geography and education resources that are available.

Forces children are in schools in every local authority across Scotland and this resource will assist understanding and enable educators to provide assistance if, and when needed.

How to use this resource

This website can be highlighted to parents who are seeking information for their child. It also offers opportunities for school staff to consider how well they support their Armed Forces children. The following questions can be used to support discussion on this topic:

  • Do you know which children in your school are Armed Forces children?
  • Have any of you had experience of the Armed Forces either as a service pupil yourself or with children in your classes?
  • What have you understood about the impact of this experience on children and young people?
  • How can your educational establishment improve support for Armed Forces children and young people?

Explore this resource

Parent information includes a guide to:

  • the Scottish education system
  • the school year
  • partnership working
  • finding and registering for school
  • Getting it Right for Every Child
  • Additional Support Needs

Educator information includes:

  • The Armed Forces Covenant
  • Admissions guidelines
  • A professional development resource including a film