Last Updated: Friday, October 08, 2021

Free CLD resources from museums, galleries and heritage centres across Scotland

What is this?

These resources have been collated through a partnership between the Education Scotland Community Learning and Development (CLD) team and Museums Galleries Scotland, who are the National Development Body for the Scottish museums sector.

Who is this for?

Community Learning and Development sector, adult learning practitioners and youth workers.

Education Scotland CLD team have been working in partnership with Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) to support the creation and distribution of free community resources from museums, galleries and heritage centres across Scotland.

Museums Galleries Scotland are the National Development Body for the Scottish museums sector. MGS support more than 400 museums and galleries across Scotland, through strategic investment, advice, advocacy and skills development. Find out more about MGS on their website.

A series of webinars were facilitated in Spring 2021 which allowed museums and galleries the opportunity to showcase their resources to CLD practitioners. This gave practitioners the opportunity to give feedback on each resource and support the development of specific CLD resources. Webinars will continue throughout the year. Check their events page for future dates.

Resource Links:

Historic Environment Scotland

Historic Environment Scotland have created a number of resources that could be used across the CLD sector to support learners engagement with Scotland’s historic environment.


Museum on the Mound

Located in the historic Bank of Scotland Head Office in Edinburgh, the museum explores money as well as art and design, technology, crime, trade and security.

  • Memory Bank is a set of free online Adult Learning reminiscence resources all about money. It has been created to spark memories and start interesting conversations. A loan box filled with fascinating objects will soon be available. These resources are aimed at older people.
  • Money Marvels are a series of short videos and fun activities to help children and young people talk about money.


National Museum of Scotland

LGBTQIA+ Hidden histories trail is a collaboration between young people from Impact Arts, LGBT Youth Scotland, Scotland 365 youth engagement team and National Museum of Scotland to highlight LGBTQIA+ stories from across the museum’s collections. Explore the LGBTQIA+ Hidden Histories Trail.


Archaeology Scotland

  • Heritage Hero Awards are a wider achievement award open to all and designed to complement history heritage and archaeology projects.
  • Explore your Neighbourhood using maps, photographs, and your own observation and recording skills to learn how the area you live in has changed over time. Designed to support practitioners to take learners outside on a learning journey.
  • Archaeology Detectives Explore a site using genuine archaeological skills! Each session can be freestanding, or they can be used together as part of a project. The Project Guide explains how to do this in more detail. All resources have been designed to support practitioners with no prior experience, and activities can be adapted to suit participants of all ages.
  • The Heritage resources portal Is designed to be a one stop shop for all Scotland's Heritage organisations most popular resources.


National Galleries of Scotland

  • Your Art World is an online community where 3-18 years olds are challenged to make and share their art. Every term pupils across Scotland will create a new set of art challenges to inspire children and young people to get making.


Improvement questions

  • How could these resources support interactive learning with learners?
  • How am I supporting children and adults to continue to engage in wider learning opportunities?
  • How can I further develop partnerships with museums and galleries to enhance the offer for all learners?