Last Updated: Friday, December 09, 2022

The Slide - Teacher’s pack

What is this?

​​An approach to preventing young people becoming involved with serious and organised crime.​

Who is this for?

​Secondary school practitioners.

The Scottish Government’s Serious Organised Crime Taskforce was set up to provide direction and co-ordination for all organisations fighting serious organised crime in Scotland, and to support the Scottish Police Service in their efforts to make our communities safer.​

In June 2015, the Scottish Government published a refreshed Serious Organised Crime Strategy which built upon the previous 2009 document, Letting Our Communities Flourish. The strategy sets out how these organisations work together to tackle serious organised crime.

Link to Scottish Government publication 'Scotland's Serious Organised Crime Strategy​' (PDF).

The Serious Organised Crime Taskforce believe that all public agencies, businesses, and individuals have a part to play in combating demand for the products of serious organised crime and providing positive alternatives, particularly for young people. Fake goods, smuggled cigarettes, illegal drugs – all of these items are on sale daily in our communities across Scotland. There is a link that needs to be broken between buying these goods and the dangerous criminals they fund.

About 15% of those involved in serious organised crime are in the 16-25 age range and young people in this age range are most likely to be recruited into serious organised crime, often by coercion. Young people’s naivety about the consequences of serious organised crime and their vulnerability to the visible trappings of wealth gained through serious organised crime are exploited by established members.

As a response to tackling the growing concern about serious organised crime groups within our communities, Police Scotland has produced this educational package, which ​consists of a video and learning pack aimed at secondary school pupils, aged 12 years and above. It is suitable for delivery in all secondary schools across Scotland, by teachers or Community Learning Development (CLD) youth workers and, where possible, with the support of a police officer. It should be incorporated into the Health and Wellbeing section of the Curriculum for Excellence secondary school practitioners.

Prevention is now a key focus in the Scottish Government Justice Strategy and Police Scotland’s 2026 Policing Strategy. It is hoped that this educational package will help divert young people away from serious organised crime by raising awareness of its dangers and ethics and encourage reporting of concerns.

How to use this approach

The learning resource consists of consists of a set of videos and 2 learning packs.

The videos show how a young boy who has a positive start in life makes some wrong choices and ends up being involved in the world of serious and organised crime. There is a recurring theme of illegal drugs throughout the videos, both taking and selling them.

The main objectives of the videos are to show:

  • how easy it is for a teenager make the wrong choices
  • that there are always other choices in life and people who can help
  • how easy it is for families and professionals to be unaware of the danger some young people put themselves in
  • how violent and dangerous the world of serious and organised crime is.

​The full video is 20 minutes in length and has been split into five scenes which may be viewed in different ways:

  • ​​whole class viewing via a video player or hard drive via a computer on a data projector or whiteboard
  • pupils viewing independently at a computer or video player
  • viewing in small groups at a computer or video player.

Each scene has been designed to promote discussion between the teacher and pupils and also collaborative learning through group discussion. The teachers pack below contains questions about each scene, which is designed to facilitate teacher led discussion, group work and individual assignments.

The pack also contains worksheets and classroom activities, which encourage further discussion and self-reflection. Some of the activities can be used to evaluate the students learning.​​

​Due to the nature of the subjects being taught, there may be areas of sensitivity pertaining to individuals in the class. It is therefore up to the teacher or trainer to decide on how to broach certain subjects and tailor their lesson plan accordingly. The questions have been provided as a guide only, giving the practitioner the option to decide which questions they want to use.

It is anticipated that that the timing involved in teaching this pack will take approximately two hours. As the video has been split into five scenes, this gives the opportunity to split the lesson into two one-hour lessons.​







PDF file: The Slide - Teacher's pack (2.5 MB)

PDF file: The Slide - Police training pack (2.9 MB)