Last Updated: Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Mapping Scotland: The construction of place in media

What is this?

This resource provides a programme of work considering how fiction can help learners understand place.

Who is this for?

This resource was developed for the broad general education, focussing on Level 3. 

This resource can be used to develop the literacy curriculum, but could also be of use in the teaching of social studies and possibly in media.

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

This teaching resource provides a range of exercises for the applied study of the construction of Scotland through stories, language, and images. It relies on a range of literary texts, films, and tourism brochures which will enhance the students' familiarity with various representations of Scotland in the media. The exercises included in this resource are designed to foster the students' abilities to analyse how fictional representations help shape personal and collective understandings of place. The resource prompts students to think critically about their own understanding of Scotland as a geographical and cultural place.


Word file: Mapping Scotland: studying how fictions construct places (142 KB)

Improvement questions

There are number of questions which these materials could address.

  1. Can I use this material to contextualise and make links to a topic for my learners?
  2. Can I provide personalisation and choice for my learners?
  3. Is the material I am providing for my learners contemporary and engaging?
  4. Can I make good cross curricular links with my teaching about Scotland and the world?



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