Last Updated: Friday, December 10, 2021

National e-Learning Offer


What is this?

The National e-Learning Offer complements the delivery of teaching and learning by schools and settings, local authorities and Regional Improvement Collaboratives in Scotland. Support for practitioners can be found via the National e-Learning Offer platform.

Who is this for?

Practitioners, learners and parents.

Resources for practitioners preparing online remote learning

The National e-Learning Offer includes live, recorded and supported resources which are available for learners to use as directed by their teacher. You can search through all available resources on the National e-Learning Offer platform.

Scotland Learns provides a range of ideas and suggested activities to help practitioners support learning at home and during the recovery year, and these wakelets provide useful links to external resources which practitioners can use with their learners.

Online interactive sessions for learners

This area of the National e-Learning offer provides access to e-Sgoil where a range of lessons across the broad general education and live, interactive study sessions in the senior phase can be accessed to complement school based learning.

e-Sgoil logo Online lessons and study support - e-Sgoil has been extended to include live lessons for BGE and live study support sessions.

Recorded resources

West OS logo

A growing range of recorded lessons are available, designed to support learners to develop skills, knowledge and understanding related to a key learning concept. These are available via the West OS powered by ClickView tile which is accessible via Glow. Find out more about WestOS with this video (Glow login required).

Supported resources

national e-learning offerAn initial range of resources have been identified by the Scottish education community, allowing learners to use a variety of digital content identified by their teacher or sourced themselves. This will be expanded with the addition of further curricular areas.


Get involved

The resources above are created by the Scottish education community for the Scottish education community. If you have content to contribute to either the recorded or supported material libraries then please get in touch.

Scotland Learns

Scotland Learns provides a range of ideas to help parents, carers and practitioners support learning at home and during the recovery year. The activities are aimed at a variety of ages.


Curriculum support

A range of wakelets are available for practitioners to use with their learners.



Professional learning for working remotely with learners online

The Education Scotland guidance provides clarity about what is involved in remote learning, the principles that should underpin remote learning and the entitlements for learners. Remote learning will not replicate face to face in school teaching – in style, approach or hours of delivery. Education Scotland guidance is clear that learners should not engage in online learning for the entirety of the school day.

Various pedagogical approaches can be utilised, such as outdoor learning, to provide rich and varied learning experiences and time away from a screen. logo Visit Digi Learn to access resources to support remote learning.


You will find suggested Professional Learning Activities (PLAs) related to Online and Offline remote learning. You can access these PLAs by registering on the Education Scotland Professional Learning and Leadership Resource.

You will find links to professional learning resources below which have been broken down into online and offline remote learning.


Professional Learning Activities

  • Effective online teaching
  • Facilitating online professional learning
  • Supporting learning at home
  • Supporting young people to navigate their online life
  • Undertaking reading and research to improve practice

The video below is one example of a blended learning approach taken by a high school in Washington, DC. This video is from the website Edutopia.

YouTube video: Modern Classrooms Project - A Student-Centered Model of Blended Learning


Professional Learning Activities

  • Adopting a practitioner enquiry approach to developing classroom practice
  • Compassionate and Connected Community
  • Family learning: planning and delivery
  • Involving learners in planning their learning
  • Leading effective pedagogy
  • Leading learning for sustainability
  • Leading learning through family and community partnerships
  • Teaching learning outdoors
  • Undertaking reading and research to improve practice