Last Updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Numeracy in Expressive Arts

What is this?

This document has been created to support practitioners to consider how to make links between numeracy and expressive arts skills. This includes examples of how to extend learner’s numeracy skills through an expressive arts context.

Who is this for?

All practitioners with responsibility for the teaching and learning of numeracy and mathematics within the Broad General Education. This resource can also be used by curriculum leads or senior leaders to support improvement.

Cover of Numeracy in Expressive ArtsThis document can be used in a variety of ways. The exemplars can be used to support practitioners to consider real and relevant contexts which could be used to develop learners’ skills between numeracy and expressive arts. It can also be used to support interdisciplinary learning through planning of particular projects or school events. It could also be used to support discussions about the ways numeracy and expressive arts skills are taught and what the expectations are on learners working within each of the levels. It is important that practitioners highlight to learners the skills they are developing in both numeracy and expressive arts.


PDF file: Numeracy in Expressive Arts (939 KB)

Improvement questions

  • What kind of opportunities do you already provide for learners to develop their Numeracy skills through Expressive Arts contexts?
  • In what ways could you use some of the exemplars within this document with your learners?
  • How could this document support professional dialogue and collaborative working between mathematics practitioners and those focusing on other curriculum areas?