Last Updated: Monday, February 15, 2021

Religious and Moral Education through Outdoor Learning

What is this?

​This resource explores how high quality learning and teaching in Religious and Moral Education (RME) can be delivered through Outdoor Learning (OL). It provides a range of stimuli for considering interconnected learning and teaching approaches in RME and OL.

Who is this for?

​This resource is for all practitioners.

How to use this self-evaluation approach to improve practice

The resource can be used:

  • As general background reading on specific aspects of RME;
  • To identify career-long professional learning needs;
  • To stimulate discussion and debate among practitioners;
  • To support good practice in learning and teaching in RME and OL
  • To provide novel and stimulating contexts for the delivery of RME and OL towards improvements in practice.


PDF file: Religious and Moral Education through Outdoor Learning (1.1 MB)