Last Updated: Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Resilience alphabet - building inner strength and wellbeing for kids - primary

What is this?

The Resilience Alphabet is a resource designed to promote resilience skills in children and young people.

Who is this for?

This may be of interest and use to educational practitioners across all sections of education.

Using the Resilience Alphabet resource, teachers and practitioners can help pupils to build inner strength and wellbeing using fun and engaging activities. For each letter of the alphabet there is a definition, something to think about, something positive to say and some suggestions of things to Make, Do or Write.

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The Resilience Alphabet aims to:

  • improve children and young people’s coping skills so they can deal with and recover from difficult situations
  • provide teachers and practitioners with lots of different ways to help pupils build inner strength and improve their wellbeing

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PowerPoint presentation: Resilience Alphabet with sound (Large file 22 MB)

PowerPoint presentation: Resilience Alphabet without sound (6.2 MB)

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Additional resources

The Journey: Adventures in Resilience - The Journey: Adventures in Resilience brings together ideas from the Hero’s Journey and the Change Curve to help young people work through and express their feelings and thoughts about change by following Jo’s Journey.

PDF file: Resilience Alphabet - How to build inner strength and wellbeing in 26 days - A Resilience Alphabet to support adults.