Last Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Scotland in the world: How others see us in film

What is this?

​This resource provides a full programme of work considering how Scottish identity is portrayed on film, using three films as examples.

Who is this for?

​'How others see us on film' can be used by practitioners to develop the social studies curriculum but could also be of use in teaching global citizenship and possibly in Media. It was developed for the broad general education and focuses on level 3.

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

This social studies project uses cinema to explore how Scotland’s identity can be understood not just in terms of the nation but also the identities which variously overlap it. Overall, these identities, sometimes called 'transnational', are various and varied. In cinema, they include expressions of ‘Scottishness’ constructed in the USA, Canada, England, France, India, Hong Kong (among other places), which indicate the complexity of Scotland’s position in the world’s imagination. Exploring such films, the discourses which surround them, and how they intertwine with the global flows of people into and out of Scotland, enables students to consider how global citizenship 'starts at home'.

There are number of questions that these materials could address:


  • Can I use this material to contextualise and make links to a topic for my learners?
  • Can I provide personalisation and choice for my learners?
  • Is the material I am providing for my learners contemporary and engaging?
  • Can I make good cross curricular links with my teaching about Scotland and the world?

This resource contains a separate section on self-reflection.


PDF file: How others see us on film - learning journey (552 KB)