Last Updated: Friday, March 04, 2022

Snowsports, climbing and the PE curriculum

What is this?

​Framework that shows clear links between snowsports, climbing and the PE curriculum.

Who is this for?

​​All teachers and practitioners across all sectors.

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice?

This resource supports practitioners with a useful document that highlights the significant aspects of learning and how they can be exemplified though participation in snowsports and climbing activities.

  • How effectively do you use the resources available to your pupils?
  • How effectively do you offer variety of experiences?
  • How effectively do you share pupils learning with partners that also work with your children?
  • What language do you use when talking with children about their learning?
  • Do you support pupils to easily identify and label their skills?


PDF file: Snowboarding - SALS in PE (287 KB)

PDF file: Alpine skiing - SALS in PE (502 KB)

PDF file: Climbing - SALS in PE A1 poster (3.8 MB)

Explore this learning and assessment resource

These resources can support teachers across all levels to focus and highlight learning that is taking place when skiing, snowboarding and climbing activities. It aims to enrich the learning that is already taking place at indoor/outdoor/artificial environments and makes visible, key aspects which directly link to the Significant Aspects of Learning within Physical Education. It is hoped that both practitioners and instructors and coaches will use this resource by highlighting to learners the skills that can be developed and built upon when undertaking snowsport and climbing activities.