Last Updated: Monday, October 11, 2021

Supporting children with effective strategies in Gaelic Medium Education

What is this?

​This is a short, practitioner-focused briefing to support practitioners to meet the learning needs of those who require support for their learning within Gaelic Medium Education (GME). It is based on a summary of a presentation delivered by Dr Fiona Lyon.

Who is this for?

​Teachers, practitioners, local authority staff and others who are planning learning in GME.

Reflective questions:

The following questions may provide a stimulus for discussion:

  • How do you differentiate for learning in GME within your classroom? What range of strategies do you use?
  • How do you meet the learning needs of children from areas of the highest social and economic disadvantage within your class or school?
  • How effective is your  evidencing of progress for children and young people in literacy and Gàidhlig?
  • How well is the curriculum for GME improving attainment?
  • How well does the information that is gathered from assessment inform our planning and adjustments to the curriculum?
  • What is the impact of monitoring and tracking of progress and what interventions are being put in place to support children and young people?


PDF file: Improving Practice in Gaelic Education - Effective interventions to raise attainment (722 KB)