Last Updated: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Teaching Gaelic literature in secondary

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What is this?

This resource provides support and guidance to teachers of Gaelic.

See Gaelic version.

Who is this for?

This exemplar will be useful for teachers of Gaelic delivering Literacy and Gàidhlig.

This resource was developed to support teachers in teaching Gaelic literature to young people at secondary level. It provides guidance on how a teacher can prepare to teach a text and how they can learn to understand a text better themselves before teaching it to young people. The notes provided will also be useful to support young people in developing the Four  Capacities of Curriculum for Excellence. This resource focuses on prose and poetry. The resource looks both at texts which many are familiar with already as well as contemporary texts which deal with modern day themes. There are activities, analysis questions and answers provided.
NB – The resource is only available in Gaelic.

Improvement questions

  • How relevant to the modern world are the themes of the texts that we use with our young people?
  • Are there ways to develop our teaching of Literacy and Gàidhlig via different texts?

Cover of Teaching Gaelic literature in SecondaryDownload

PDF file: A’ teagasg litreachas na Gàidhlig san àrd-sgoil (716 KB)