Last Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Timeline: An anti-sectarian professional learning resource

What is this?

​Timeline (Religion, migration and society in the making of modern Scotland) is an anti-sectarian professional learning resource.

Available as an online presentation, the resource takes the user through different events in Scottish, English and Irish history that have had an effect on the making of modern Scotland.

It has been developed from the 'Timeline of Sectarianism in Scotland' found in ‘Beyond a Culture of Two Halves’, a resource originally developed by YouthLink Scotland.

Who is this for?

​All practitioners in schools.

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Timeline (Religion, migration and society in the making of modern Scotland)

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How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

This professional learning resource aims to increase  staff knowledge of the historical context for sectarianism in Scotland.

It is hoped that this increased awareness will help staff feel more confident to engage in anti-sectarian work with children and young people.

The timeline is presented using Prezi software. When certain events are reached, an arrow leads from the timeline to more information such as a relevant video or links to resources that can be used to explore a topic further.

The resources and activities that are linked to throughout the timeline are available on the Action on Sectarianism website.

Improvement questions

  • How does this resource link with the  range of protected characteristics that are defined by the Equality Act (2010)?
  • To what extent do staff in our school community have an understanding of the historical context of sectarianism?
  • How far as a school community do we challenge bigotry, prejudice and discrimination towards members, or presumed members, of a religious denomination?

Content author

This timeline has been developed by Action on Sectarianism and YouthLink Scotland together with inputs from Stewartry Council of Voluntary Service, the Citizens Theatre, Education Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Dr Duncan Morrow and Michael Rosie helped to complete this resource. The videos were filmed and edited by either Action on Sectarianism and YouthLink Scotland or by Stewartry Community Voluntary Service.