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Àite Foghlam Gàidhlig 3-18 ann an 'Ionnsachadh Cànain ann an Alba: Modh-obrach 1 + 2’ / The Role of Gaelic Education 3-18 in ‘Language learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach'

What is this?

​​This resource outlines recommendations which will assist schools with planning for Gaelic Education in a 1+2 approach

Who is this for?

​These materials will be of particular interest to practitioners in Gaelic Learner Education, school leaders and education authorities.


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PDF file: The role of Gaelic Education 3-18 in 'Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach' (234 KB)

PDF file: Foghlam Gàidhlig 3 - 18 ann an 'Ionnsachadh Cànain ann an Alba: Modh - obrach 1 + 2 (473 KB)

PDF file: Advice on Gaelic Education: 1+2 Gaelic (Learners) (211 KB)

PDF file: Advice on Gaelic Education: 1+2 Gaelic (Learners) (Gaelic version) (262 KB)

PDF file: Language learning in Scotland: A 1+2 approach - Further guidance on L3 within the 1+2 policy (146 KB)

PDF file: The Wee Big Book Project - Lochyside RC Primary School (196 KB)

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

Education Scotland’s publication ‘Advice on Gaelic Education’ defines Gaelic Education as having three inter-related components. These are:

  • Gaelic Medium Education (GME)
  • Gaelic Learner Education (GLE)
  • the promotion of Learning about Gaelic Language and Culture (LAGC) as part of Scotland’s identity.

All of those components of Gaelic Education have a pivotal role to play in 'Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach'. Many education authorities already offer Gaelic in one of its forms as part of the statutory planning for the National Gaelic Language Plan. As part of the 1+2 approach, education authorities should continue and extend planning for Gaelic as part of a 1+2 approach. In doing so, they will be contributing to an aim of the National Gaelic Language Plan to secure a sustainable future for the language.

Here are some reflective questions to consider when using this resource as part of planning for Gaelic with the 1+2 approach:

  • To what extent are you making effective use of the recommendations outlined within this resource?
  • To what extent are learners receiving a progressive experience?
  • Does the planning for Gaelic allow for sustainability?
  • How effectively are learners and parents involved in planning and evaluating their learning experiences
    in Gaelic?

The following will be useful to use alongside this resource:

1+2 languages: L3 audit tools for use in primary and secondary contexts

1+2 languages: progress from first to second level

Other key Education Scotland advice


PowerPoint file: Getting Gaelic in on the show - Gaelic 1+2 at Language Show Live, 2016 (1.84 MB)

PowerPoint file: 1+2 languages - Successes, challenges and next steps from inspection findings (1.64 MB)