Last Updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Bannerman’s High School - Case Study


What is this?

​It is a summary report on how Bannerman’s High School used links with Malawi to engage the pupils in a wider view of the world, and motivate them to undertake stretching and useful work.

Who is this for?

​This will be helpful to teachers and headteachers, particularly those reflecting on making learning more motivating and engaging.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice?

The ideas incorporated in the case study can be copied directly, or elements of the work can be taken and used to meet local need. Work developed through Connecting Classrooms is described well and can be used as a simple low cost initial start to develop an international element to the curriculum which is engaging and motivating.

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What was done?

Pupils at Bannerman's High School in Glasgow have shown a much greater interest in global issues since starting a partnership with a school in Malawi.

In first year, Malawi is used as a topic in geography. There is also a week of lessons where Malawi is the focus for geography, history, modern studies and maths.

In fourth year, pupils get a chance to visit their partner school, Masalani Community Day Secondary School in Chiradzulu.

A geography teacher involved in leading the project said: 'It’s amazing to see the lessons become real for the children as they can see with their own eyes everything we’ve discussed in class.'

Read the full report on the project below.


The project provided a useful and motivating structure to develop the skills and abilities of the pupils.

​What was the impact?

The report provides a clear summary of the impact of the project. Pupils developed greater skills in ICT and a wider understanding of other places and other cultures. It also provided a practical and motivating theme for work in a wide range of school topics.


PDF file: Bannerman’s High School Case Study (112 KB)