Last Updated: Friday, June 24, 2022

Communication Passports

What is this?

This exemplar provides an overview of:

  • what are communication passports
  • when it can be appropriate to use them
  • how to access examples and templates
  • where to access training and further information.

Who is this for?

​This information on communication passports will support:

  • Early years practitioners
  • All teachers – primary and secondary
  • School management
  • Support staff
  • Local authority education officers
  • CLD practitioners
  • Social worker and social care officers
  • carers

How to use this the learning and assessment resource to improve practice

Communication passports are person-centred booklets for children, young people and adults who cannot easily speak for themselves.

Passports are a way of pulling complex information together and presenting it in an easy-to-follow format. Passports help make sense of formal assessment information and enable important things about a person to be recorded.

Passports are used in home, care, social work, health and education settings. They are of key importance in the community to link up input from all of those different settings. Passports are useful for a very wide range of people. It is not to do with age or medical diagnosis, it is primarily to do with communication difficulties, and life circumstances.

Reflective questions

  • How effectively do we support children and young people with additional support needs to effectively communicate?
  • How do we ensure information is shared effectively between all partners and the child or young person.
  • Do we offer our children and young people the opportunity to be actively involved in communicating with those who support them?
  • Would communication passports be a helpful approach to use in our school for children and young people with communication difficulties?
  • Is the support we provide for children and young people with communication difficulties consistent to ensure consistent care?


Powerpoint presentation: MyCommPass Template (503 KB)

Powerpoint presentation: Basic Template for Call Scotland Passport (445 KB)