Last Updated: Monday, February 15, 2021

DYW – Interesting Practice: Developing Career Management Skills: Millburn Area School Group

What is this?

​This exemplar describes the Career Management Skills programme initially developed with Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils in Lochardil Primary School, Inverness in 2014/2015. It has now been up scaled within the Millburn Area School Group, co-ordinated by Crown Primary School, to encompass all Primary 7 pupils across the ASG and also used to support the transition period of learners into secondary school.

This exemplar is part of the ‘Developing the Young Workforce – Interesting Practice’ series which aims to provide ideas,  inspiration and connections around the implementation of DYW.

Who is this for?

​This exemplar will be useful for practitioners involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Developing the Young Workforce agenda.

It supports professional reflections around the Career Education and Work Placements Standards as well as School / Employer Partnerships.

​How to use this exemplar to improve practice

This is an exemplar of interesting practice . It aims to inspire reflective thinking by practitioners engaged in career education, particularly in the broad general education. It also focuses on partnership working with employers and third sector organisations. This exemplar is solution focused and outlines practical ideas on how to provide learners with the opportunity to enhance skills for learning, life and work, supporting the transition period into secondary school. It also raises the question of profiling and ownership of skills portfolios by young people as they progress through formal education.

You are invited to use this exemplar to reflect on the following questions:

  • How effectively do you plan for career education opportunities and progression pathways for learners from 3 - 18?
  • In what ways do you ensure that you meet the needs of all learners to develop skills for learning, life and work?
  • In what ways does the curriculum provision and timetabling in your establishment incorporate career education for all learners?
  • To what extent are partners involved in delivering meaningful, work related experiences for learners, the delivery of skills and qualifications as well as prospective career opportunities?
  • How do you ensure that young people are able to record and communicate their skills development, particularly at key transition stages of education?

For further consideration please refer to the key DYW related resources released by Education Scotland so far.

What was done?

The Literacy curriculum for Primary 7 pupils in the Millburn Area School Group (ASG) has been used to drive forward learners skills development taking account of the entitlements and expectations set out in the new career education standard. The children have been researching local industries on My World of Work, comparing the values of businesses to the values of their school; communicating directly with businesses; developing dynamic presentation skills to present to their families and businesses; making the connections between their own skills within the curriculum and the skills across learning, life and work with a focus on industry.

Find out more about this initiative by accessing the downloadable files below:

What was the impact?

Children, parents/carers and teachers identify that learners have gained the following from the programme:

  • An awareness of the skills needed across different industries in the world of work
  • An understanding of the career choices which are available, regardless of gender
  • An understanding of the local employment opportunities
  • A developing understanding of where skills for learning, life and work feature across the curriculum
  • An awareness of My World of Work as an information and support resource
  • An awareness of the support available from Skills Development Scotland
  • Confidence in creating and delivering oral and written presentations.


Word file: Skills summary - Millburn ASG (235 KB)

PDF file: Career management skills report: Millburn ASG project (2.5 MB)

PDF file: Career Management Skills: Millburn ASG (1.78 MB)