Last Updated: Monday, February 15, 2021

Flexible Learning Pathways Case Study – Sanderson High School

What is this?

​​This case study describes the approaches Sanderson High School in South Lanarkshire has taken to develop flexible learning pathways that meet the needs of all learners.


Who is this for?

​This case study will be of particular interest to teachers and senior leaders in secondary schools and special schools.

​How to use this resource

Schools can use this case study to reflect on their curriculum. ​Read the case study and consider the challenge questions.

  • ​Are learning pathways flexible and tailored to the individual needs of young people to enable them to make the best possible progress and support them into sustained positive destinations?
  • To what extent is collaborative curriculum planning with partners leading to new pathways and customised programmes for different groups of young people?
  • How effectively do you work with partners to plan for career education opportunities and mean​ingful, work-related experiences for learners?​


PDF file: Flexible Learning Pathways Case Study (220 KB)