Last Updated: Monday, February 08, 2021

Sketchnote - Cornton Nursery - Ownership of vision, aims and values - August 2018

What is this?

​​​This sketchnote provides a visual description of the practice and approaches identified as excellent practice in the inspection of Cornton Nursery.

Who is this for?

​Early Learning and Childcare practitioners and Leaders across learning settings.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice​

  • Download​ and print the sketchnote and share with staff.
  • Follow up on any specific sections of interest in the inspection report and SIF.​​
  • Use discussions with children, parents, staff and other colleagues to consider your own improvement journey.

Improvement questions​

  • What strategies and approaches taken by the nursery have led to their success in achieving excellence?
  • What aspects of these approaches do you need to prioritise and who will take them forward?
  • What barriers do you see in adopting or adapting the Cornton approach and how will you work to overcome them?


PDF file: How Cornton Nursery achieves success (431​ KB)

PDF file: Blog for Cornton nursery​ (250 KB)


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What was done?​

A planned approach involving all stakeholders in developing strong leadership. This was identified during an inspection and we wanted to find a new way to share the story. A sketchnote and materials from inspection have been gathered together in this template.


We wanted to find some new ways of sharing good practice from inspection. We know that sketchnotes are a popular approach to providing a visual journey of activities. Showing the nursery’s leadership journey in this way will enable colleagues to download and print the sketchnote to inspire themselves and others. Using the prompt questions, reading the inspection report and quotes from the head teacher will enable colleagues to consider how to adapt and use similar approaches in their own setting as part of their improvement journey.

What was the impact?

The leadership journey in the sketchnote clearly shows the range of approaches used to move the nursery to achieving an excellent evaluation in their recent inspection.