Last Updated: Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Physical Education – Home Learning Challenges

What is this?

Physical Education Home Learning Challenges help to develop PE 'Experiences and Outcomes' at home in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Who is this for?

Suitable for PE specialists, Early Years practitioners and class teachers in Primary schools.

Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education (SATPE) - PE Home Learning Challenges are an active way to bring families together. You're more likely to keep active if you have fun and other people to share this with.

This resource provides activities that are not only enjoyable and help to engage parents/ guardians with their young people, but also develops the key physical competencies, physical fitness, cognitive skills and personal qualities to become physically educated.

Schools can use this as a homework challenge, family learning workshop and more. This resource can help families to lead an active lifestyle together, developing not only their physical wellbeing but emotional, mental and social wellbeing too.

Improvement questions

  • How can you use this resource with your young people and families?
  • How can you provide recognition to every young person that completes these challenges at home?
  • How can you encourage your young people to motivate their families at home to try this?


PDF file: Home Learning Challenges (117 KB)