Last Updated: Friday, December 30, 2022

Cairns Primary School - Leadership of learning - March 2019

What is this?

This sketchnote provides a visual description of highly effective practice and approaches identified in the inspection of Cairns Primary School in South Lanarkshire Council.

Who is this for?

​Leaders and practitioners across all learning settings.​

​Sketchnotes provide a visual description of the practice and approaches which HM Inspectors have observed during scrutiny activities and are worth sharing more widely.​ ​Cairns Primary School has demonstrated continuous improvement in learning and teaching. Effective leadership of learning has led to a motivational whole-school ethos for learning, with a high level of professional learning for staff, and empowered staff which ensures that outcomes are improving for all children.

Explore this resource

Sketchnote for Cairns Primary School

Reflecting on your own setting, consider the following:

  • How effectively do we create a culture for learning in our setting?
  • To what extent do our approaches to self-evaluation lead to improvements in learning and teaching?
  • To what extent are we using an appropriate range of approaches which enable us to learn with and from each other?
  • How do we know that our professional learning is improving outcomes for learners?
  • To what extent do we support children and young people to take responsibility for their own learning?


PDF file: Sketchnote for Cairns Primary School (508 KB)

PDF file: Blog for ​​Cairns Primary School (47 KB)