Last Updated: Thursday, April 22, 2021

Supporting Gypsy Travellers in Education

What is this?

A summary of key information, resources, and exemplification relating to supporting Scotland’s Gypsy Travellers in, and into, education.

Who is this for?

This page aims to support local government policy makers and practitioners from all sectors.


Cover for Supporting Gypsy Travellers in Education bookletThe mobile tradition and culture of the travelling community can present challenges for Gypsy Traveller children and young people in terms of access to education. The cumulative effect of multiple transitions, cultural differences and discriminatory attitudes can contribute to barriers to learning for Gypsy Traveller children. The impact of such barriers can be exacerbated when parents have limited or negative educational experience themselves.

This resource provides practitioners with links to information, resources, professional learning and organisations that will help them to engage with and support learners from travelling communities.

Improvement questions

  • How do we help children and young people from the travelling community to engage in education?
  • Does our curriculum promote equality and inclusion and is it relevant to all our learners including those from the travelling community?
  • How can partnership working, with other practitioners, parents, the wider community, and partners, be developed further to better support learners from the travelling community?


PDF file: Supporting Gypsy Travellers in Education booklet (338 KB)