Last Updated: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Supporting Gypsy travellers: Oban High School

What is this?

This study illustrates how a school community put in place a range of measures to advance equality for Gypsy/Traveller children transitioning between primary and secondary schools.

Who is this for?

All involved in education.

This sway presentation outlines the steps taken by school staff to better engage and include Gypsy traveller learners in the Oban High School Community. Film clips from the school staff help tell this story.

Improvement Reflective Questions:

  • How well do we communicate with parents from Gypsy/Traveller families or parents from other minority ethnic communities?
  • Do learners see their own culture and identity reflected in the curriculum?
  • Have we successfully established an inclusive learning environment? How do we know?
  • To what extent do our processes : involve children and young people; parents, carers and families; partners and other agencies to ensure effective transitions for all learners?
  • How effectively do we support parents and carers to participate in, contribute to and understand their child’s learning?