Last Updated: Thursday, June 27, 2019

Work Placement Toolkit - West Lothian Council

What is this?

​​​​This resource outlines the context of work inspiration activity in West Lothian's secondary schools. It illustrates the progress that our schools have made in order to meet the recommendations for Developing the Young Workforce; the Work Placements Standard, the Career Education Standard (3-18) and the Guidance for School/Employer Partnerships.​

The resource provides an overview of the authority’s commitment to support young people in order to make the most of their opportunities in life. At the same time it provides exemplification to support further implementation of work-based learning opportunities across secondary schools.

Companions to this publication “Work Inspiration Activity in Primary Schools in West Lothian” and “Work Plac​ements and Work Inspiration Activity in ASN Schools” will follow in due course.​

Who is this for?

  • School staff
  • Employers
  • Parents/carers

The publication will inspire schools to review and enhance their own good practice; it will showcase how employer partnerships are a valuable contribution to the education of our young people, and it will demonstrate to parents and carers our commitment to ensure that their sons and daughters are fully equipped to make informed choices upon leaving school.​

How to use this Learning and assessment resource to improve practice?

This resource has been developed to contribute to the professional learning of practitioners. Engaging with this resource, and completing the Benchmarking activities will provide an opportunity for staff to reflect upon existing work based learning practice in their school and inspiring them to develop new practice in career education.​

The resource aims to generate discussion around a number of reflective questions including:​

  • How do we work with employers to help develop appropriate work-based learning opportunities for young people?
  • How do we effectively align the young person's studies, career aspirations, abilities and capabilities with any work placement?
  • How do our plans address Equalities issues and help close the attainment gap?​​​

Reflective questions:

  • How effectively do you plan for career education opportunities and progression pathways for learners in your school?
  • In what ways do you ensure that you meet the needs of all learners in order to develop skills for learning life and work?
  • In what ways does the curriculum provision and timetabling in your establishment incorporate career education for all learners?
  • To what extent are partners involved in delivering meaningful, work related experiences for learners; the delivery of skills and qualifications and highlighting prospective career opportunities?
  • How do your plans address equality issues and help close the attainment gap​?​


PDF file: West Lothian Work Placement Toolkit (4.5 MB)​​