Last Updated: Monday, March 05, 2018

Sciences 3-18 curriculum review (impact report)

What is this?

​This report is the first updated version of the original (2012) 3-18 Sciences Impact report, which evaluated current practice in the sciences. The report is one of a series designed to gauge the impact of a changing curriculum on learners’ experiences and achievements. It adds to the good practice identified in the 2012 report and continues to highlight important areas for discussion and further development.

The report is intended to act as a hub for ongoing professional dialogue and development.

The summary document highlights what we do well and what we need to continue to improve in the sciences 3-18 in Scotland. It will help practitioners reflect on Scotland’s strong practice and engage in discussions on aspects for development.

There is a report summary for children and young people.

The good practice examples in the report are also available as a separate resource.

Who is this for?

​Practitioners, parents, children and young people.