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City of Glasgow College – employer engagement in work based learning, supporting student mental health and the college leadership programme

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City of Glasgow College - EmployerHM Inspectors visited City of Glasgow College and noted three areas of highly-effective practice. These were:

  1. Employer engagement in work-based learning

The college has invested significantly in continuously enhancing links with industry to provide learners with real and enriching work-based learning opportunities. It recognises the importance of effective employer engagement in delivering and enriching high quality learning experiences.



  1. Promotion and Delivery of the College Mental Health Action Plan

City of Glasgow College - WellbeingThe City of Glasgow College Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Action Plan has eight key inter related themes which respond to the diverse and evolving needs of learners. The college believes early intervention is essential, and that it is important that prospective students, their families and carers know what services and support the college can provide to those with additional support needs, before they arrive on campus. To support their approaches the college has developed a wide range of accessible information available on the college website.



  1. Delivery of the college leadership programme

City of Glasgow College - LeadershipTo support leadership for a sustainable college, a dispersed leadership model was established by City of Glasgow College. The Leadership Programme was also designed to support college reorganisation and to equip staff for new roles. It helped staff understand college ambitions and helped create a culture of openness and cross collaboration.

Three sketchnotes have been developed to illustrate these examples of practice.

PDF file: City of Glasgow College - Employer Sketchnote (1.0 MB)

PDF file: City of Glasgow College - Wellbeing Sketchnote (1.0 MB)

PDF file: City of Glasgow College - Leadership Sketchnote (1.0 MB)

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