Last Updated: Monday, January 30, 2023

Fortrose Academy – intergenerational work – May 2021

What is this?

At Fortrose Academy in the Highland Council, HM Inspectors highlighted the intergenerational work and community partnerships which led to transformative changes for young people.

Young people at Fortrose Academy and Nursery Class were developing citizenship skills and their own and others’ resilience through their work in Black Isle Cares, the Wellbeing in the Black Isle group and other partnerships. Young people’s involvement in intergenerational working is built into the school’s curriculum and is having a positive impact on young people as well as those they support in the community.

We have developed a sketchnote, blog and recovery update to illustrate what they have done, how they developed their approach to intergenerational working over time and how things have been adapted and moved on during lockdown and on return to in-school learning.


PDF file: Fortrose Academy - sketchnote (1.1 MB)

PDF file: Fortrose Academy - blog (1.1 MB)

PDF file: Fortrose Academy - recovery update (1.1 MB)