Last Updated: Monday, October 10, 2022

Getting It Right For All Learners during Covid: a reflective tool for educators working together across Scotland

What is this?

This concise self-evaluation tool comprises a set of reflective questions with three aims:

  • influence the wider system at a time when there is a small window of opportunity to press the ‘reset’ button post Covid-19
  • support a shared understanding of the role that we all have as educators - in Education Scotland, local authorities and establishments – working together to support the system to ‘get it right for all learners’
  • strengthen support for all learners in universal provision of learning.

Who is this for?

All educators, all sectors.

In the spring of 2020, children and young people across Scotland left their familiar educational settings facing a period of significant change and uncertainty. This took place at speed. Across all learning communities, staff led flexible and creative responses to providing continued support for children and young people in their learning and wellbeing.

There is an opportunity to build on the innovation and positive outcomes which emerged despite the challenges, and ensure that every learner has the opportunity to build the resilience, skill and mindset that empower them to own more of their own learning. They must be able to cope and adapt to life in the 21st century, regardless of the challenges. The learning environment of interactions, experiences and spaces must continue to be where children and young people learn and develop a rich knowledge but also the skills to thrive in a future which is increasingly unpredictable.

How can we therefore ensure that we are getting it right for all our learners, preparing them with the knowledge, skills and attributes that they will need to thrive in this new world?


PDF file: Getting It Right For All Learners during COVID: a reflective tool for educators working together across Scotland (823 KB)