Last Updated: Thursday, May 05, 2022

How Good is our Third Sector - Partnership and Family Learning - Self-evaluation

What is this?

Peeple is an early intervention/prevention charity. These videos demonstrate how they used the How Good is our Third Sector Organisation (HGIOTSO) self-evaluation tool and framework created by Education Scotland to reflect on their performance against a range of quality indicators. A bespoke framework (including elements from ‘How Good is Our School?’ (4th edition) was developed in partnership with Education Scotland to specifically suit the organisational needs of people.

Who is this for?

These videos are beneficial to any organisation who wish to reflect on partnership working and family learning to improve their practice. These videos will help organisations consider their practice by consulting with key stakeholders using a non-threatening informal approach.

How to use this self-evaluation approach to improve practice?

During the video, Peeple chose to focus on three overarching questions. With the support of Education Scotland, the following quality indicators and evaluation methods were identified to gather the necessary information:

  1. How clear and effective are our partnership arrangements with local authorities?
  2. How well does our partnership work with local authorities to ensure family learning staff are inclusive and engage families who will best benefit from support?
  3. How is our partnership work with local authorities improving outcomes?

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Additional material

PDF file: PEEP and the Pupil Equity Fund (125 KB)

PDF file: HGIOTSO - Executive summary (231 KB)