Last Updated: Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Planning for Change, A Review of Community Learning and Development Plans in Scotland 2018 – 21

What is this?

This report presents the findings from a review of the content of current Community Learning and Development (CLD) plans in the 32 local authority areas across Scotland.​

Who is this for?

​The review is intended to be useful to anyone who has a stake in current CLD policy and practice in Scotland, including national, regional and local policy makers and CLD partnerships across the country.​

The Regulations for Community Learning and Development (CLD) 2013, placed increased statutory duties on local authorities in Scotland to work with partners and engage with communities to identify need and plan CLD in their area.

Education Scotland and the Scottish Government CLD Policy Team and a working group with representatives from national CLD partners carried out a content review of current CLD plans between February and May 2019. Partners included: The CLD Standards Council, CLD Managers Scotland, Youth Scotland, Scottish Community Development Scotland, YouthLink Scotland and Learning Link Scotland.

The report identifies emerging themes from current CLD plans, highlighting both strengths and areas for development. It also includes illustrative extracts from some of the plans.

How to use this resource to improve practice?

The report will be used to inform discussions with Scottish Government Ministers and policy makers, Education Scotland and key CLD stakeholders.

It can also be used by practitioners and policy makers to inform their understanding of current community learning and development practice and planning in Scotland.​

The review provides strong evidence of the wide range of valuable CLD activity taking place around the country. It also indicates where there may be gaps or areas for improvement in how statutory requirements for CLD are being fulfilled in some areas.

Improvement questions​

The following questions may help when considering this report:

  1. To what extent do the review findings chime with your own knowledge and experience of CLD practice and planning?
    For example:
    • Which of the strengths and/or gaps and challenges outlined in the report do you recognise from your own experience?
    • Are there any of the findings that you find surprising?
    • What can you learn from the illustrative examples included in the report?
  2. How can you use the themes emerging from the review to inform CLD policy and planning in your organisation or partnerships?
  3. In your view, how should the findings be used to influence local, regional and national CLD policy and planning?

​ Download(s)

PDF file: Planning for Change​ ( 1.9 MB)

Link​ to published CLD plans covering the period September 2021 – 2024

Community learning and development planning 2021-24