Last Updated: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Religious Observance - Time for Reflection

What is this?

​This briefing paper explores the aims and purposes of Religious Observance / Time for Reflection (RO / TfR) within Curriculum for Excellence.

Who is this for?

​This resource is for all practitioners.

How to use this self-evaluation approach to improve practice

The resource can be used:

  • To stimulate discussion and debate among practitioners around RO/TfR;
  • To support the delivery of high quality RO/TfR ensuring approaches are inclusive and reflect the school community
  • To support improvement in learners' ability to engage in a reflective way with a range of stimuli, beliefs, values and viewpoints.


PDF file: CfE Briefing 16 - Curriculum for Excellence: Religious Observance (Time for Reflection) (2 MB)

Explore this approach

This resource provides guidance and support which can support staff development in relation to RO / TfR.

The briefing has the following sections:

  • What is the policy framework for RO/TfR in CfE?
  • How do children and young people benefit from RO/TfR?
  • What are the features of effective learning through RO/TfR?
  • Do all children and young people need to take part in RO/TfR?
  • How can community partners support RO/TfR?
  • RO in Roman Catholic schools
  • How do we take forward RO/TfR in CfE?