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Language or speech disorder or speech disorderLanguage or speech disorderIf your child finds has difficulty with speech, they could have a speech disorder. If they have trouble understanding others or sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings, then they have a language disorder., PZ Content Page
Down's syndrome's syndromeDown's syndromeIf your child has Down's syndrome they are likely to have learning difficulties and may also have health issues related to their condition., PZ Content Page
Autism spectrum disorder spectrum disorderAutism spectrum disorderIf your child has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), they will have difficulty making sense of the world. They may have difficulties in: social communication; social interaction; social imagination and flexible thinking., PZ Content Page
Selective mutism mutismSelective mutismIf your child has selective mutism they will speak freely to only a small number of people with whom they feel comfortable., PZ Content Page
Health needs needsHealth needsAt some point in their life your child might need additional support in school due to physical or mental health needs., PZ Content Page
Physical and motor impairment and motor impairmentPhysical and motor impairmentIf your child has an injury or disability that hinders normal physical functioning, they have a physical impairment. If your child has a loss or limited function in their muscle control, movement or mobility, they have a motor impairment., PZ Content Page
Deaf and hearing impaired and hearing impairedDeaf and hearing impairedIf your child has a loss of hearing, they might not need a lot of support, but their progress will be monitored. For other children, a lot of support and planning may be needed to make sure they achieve to the best of their ability., PZ Content Page
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder deficit hyperactivity disorderAttention deficit hyperactivity disorderIf your child has any of the following symptoms, they may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): attention difficulties; impulsiveness and hyperactivity or: not able to sit still, plan ahead or finish tasks., PZ Content Page
Visual impairment impairmentVisual impairmentIf your child has a visual impairment, their development before school may have been limited because of the sight loss. When your child goes to school, their teacher will make sure their development is improved., PZ Content Page

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