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Attending school schoolAttending schoolFind answers to your questions on school attendance, absence, and when your child should start school and leave school., PZ Content Page
Term dates datesTerm datesFind out about term dates and school holidays in your local authority., PZ Content Page
Financial assistance assistanceFinancial assistanceInformation on grants for school uniforms, the Educational Maintenance Allowance, tax credits and free school meals., PZ Content Page
Glow online resource online resourceGlow online resourceGlow is an online resource that teachers and staff use in school to enhance learning., PZ Content Page
My child's record child's recordMy child's recordParents have the right to see their child's educational record (though there may be a small fee if you'd like a copy)., PZ Content Page

Our newsletter is sent out about once a term and shares news and events, information on educational developments that may affect you or your child, as well as details of new resources and activities to help you support your child's learning