School information dashboard

The way that school and national level information and data is presented through Parentzone Scotland has changed.

To help raise attainment, ensure all learners have the best chance to succeed, and support school improvement, information is gathered from publicly funded schools in Scotland. The Scottish Government has brought a range of this information together in a school information dashboard.

The dashboard is broken down into three sectors - primary schools, secondary schools and special schools.

In each sector you can look at information for individual schools. You can also look at Scotland level information for the sector by selecting 'Scotland' and 'all publicly funded schools'.

You can read more about the dashboard and view the information here:

Archived data

Secondary school data which was previously held on Parentzone Scotland or Scottish Schools Online have been archived here for reference. Changes brought about by Curriculum for Excellence and the phased introduction of new national qualifications mean that archived data is not directly comparable on a year by year basis.