Improving attendance in Scotland: Guidance for schools

Included, Engaged and Involved Part 1 was published in 2019 and is still a valuable resource.

Included, engaged and involved part 2: preventing and managing school exclusions: Part two of guidance document 'Included, Engaged and Involved', which refreshes the national policy on school exclusions.

Self-evaluation is critical to understanding where you are now before determining next steps. Both these tools are useful in to support your review of existing practice before formulating your plans.

Forth Valley West Lothian’s Regional Improvement Collaborative Attendance Toolkit is an interactive attendance toolkit, created by Forth Valley and West Lothian Regional Improvement Collaborative. This piece of work was launched in 2022 and quality assured by colleagues at Strathclyde University. It is freely available and provides a mix of watch me first videos, self-evaluation toolkits, resources and research.

Self-reflection questions for promoting attendance was co-produced by Scottish Government and Education Scotland and provides self-reflection questions for schools to further explore and implement practices that will encourage good attendance.