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Latest News

01 June 2023

The Food For Thought Education Fund is now open!

The Food For Thought Education Fund provides financial support to establishments to develop food and health education.

25 May 2023

Framework launched to support practitioners working with families

A new strategic framework aimed at helping those who work with parents and families has been launched.

23 May 2023

We’re Aff Tae The Big School is back for 2023!

The event aims to bring together every P7 across Scotland to celebrate, inspire, laugh and learn as they prepare to embark on their monumental move to the big school.

22 May 2023

Over 10,000 learners take part in Scottish Computing Science Week

Thank you to everyone who joined our week of interactive computing science sessions for Scottish Computing Science Week (15 – 19 May).

22 May 2023

Learning conversations

Our first podcast introduces Gillian Hamilton on her journey to becoming interim Chief Executive of Education Scotland.