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Latest News

23 November 2021

Closing the attainment gap

£200 million to help children and young people impacted by poverty.

10 November 2021

Supervision spaces launched to support mental health and wellbeing

Education Scotland is working in partnership with Barnardo’s to offer anyone in an education leadership role three reflective supervision spaces which will focus on looking after their mental health and the mental health and wellbeing of those they lead.

10 November 2021

Creative approaches to improve school children and young people’s wellbeing

Creative Scotland and Education Scotland have outlined a refreshed Action Plan to embed creativity at the centre of Scottish education and adopt a collaborative culture to empower more learners to grow skills and confidence through creative activity.

03 November 2021

Language Matters - A national conversation

Education Scotland has launched a project called Language Matters, a national conversation to discuss education terminology.

28 October 2021

Scotland’s inspirational achievers are awarded recognition for Learning for Sustainability

Education Scotland is delighted to announce the winners of the Learning for Sustainability Awards.