This is early level digital: Spotlight on transition

Tue, 23 April 2024, 16:00-17:00

Join us in this 60-minute online session to explore how digital technology can be used effectively at early, level to support horizontal and vertical transitions within our ELC settings. This webinar is for all practitioners working with early level learners across a variety of settings in Scotland.

Strong collaboration between practitioners, teachers and partners is also important in designing a continuous curriculum experience for babies and children as they journey from one phase of their education and care to another.
Realising the ambition: Being Me (page 52).

How can we strengthen practitioner collaboration? What digital technology do we have access to that can help?

This session will focus on practical use of digital technology to capture the all-important child's voice, ensuring transitions are meaningful to the child, supporting their social, emotional and mental wellbeing, and we will also focus on how digital technology can support the 5 Cs structure when intentionally planning your transition programme (child-centred, communication, consistency, collaboration, culture). Realising the ambition: Being Me (page 96).

Part of the session will document examples of practice from current practitioners of where they are creatively using digital technology to support transitions within their settings.

We welcome you to familiarise yourself with How Good is Our ELC, Quality Indicator 2.6: Transitions (page 35) and Realising the ambition: Being Me Section 8: Transitions matter to me (page 89).

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