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Astérix chez les Pictes

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What is this?

​A resource to support learning French, using all four language learning skills. Activities allow learners to match the written and spoken word, to listen and respond to language used in the context of the story and to write in French in a variety of ways. The resource also supports practitioners by offering a platform that can lead to wider learning opportunities, especially in exploring the cultural aspects of ‘Bandes Dessinées (BD) – comic books - in the French speaking world.

The teacher’s notes give a possible ways of exploiting this resource but are in no way prescriptive.

Who is this for?

​These materials are aimed at learners working towards or at second level in primary school and could be adapted for learners in S1/2 in the secondary BGE.

​How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

Reading a comic book of this type that is aimed at native speakers of the language may seem daunting to both teachers and learners. However, the learning in this resource is made accessible through the use of images and the synopsis of the story

The prior learning needed in order for learners to get the most out of this resource is detailed in the learning journey. In broad terms, learners should be familiar with personal description, home area, numbers, parts of the body and basic adjectives. It would also be useful if learners had some basic knowledge of the Romans and their culture.

Once learners have a broad understanding of the story, they will be ready to tackle the activities in the learners’ pack. These can also aid understanding of some aspects of the story that could provide a focus for further exploration in class.

A list of key vocabulary for each task supports practitioners through each of the tasks in the activity pack .The sound files and video clips support learners’ understanding of the written and spoken word and help to hone listening skills.

Download (s)

PDF file: Pages from 'Astérix chez les Pictes' book (10 MB)

PDF file: Teacher's notes for Astérix.pdf (387 KB)

PDF file: Astérix activity pack(1.8 MB)

Powerpoint presentation: Astérix - Curriculum for Excellence (3.9 MB)

PDF file: Astérix learning journey (169 KB)

PDF file: Synopsis (152 KB)

Astérix: Activity 1 sound

Astérix: Activity 3 sound

Astérix: Activity 6 sound

These videos have restricted access and therefore are only available through Glow.

Video 1: Elodie

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Video 2: Céleste

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Video 3: Amandine

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Video 4: Thibault

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Video 5: Florence

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Video 6: Harry

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Download video transcripts

Word file: Video 1 - Elodie

Word file: Video 2 - Céleste

Word file: Video 3 - Amandine

Word file: Video 4 - Thibault

Word file: Video 5 - Florence