Last Updated: Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Fresh approaches to interdisciplinary learning

What is this?

Resources to support the implementation of interdisciplinary learning (IDL) in the broad general education (BGE) and the senior phase.

Who is this for?

School staff, employers, partners, and parents/carers.

Interdisciplinary learning

Four contexts diagramScotland has always had Interdisciplinary learning (IDL) as a component part of the curriculum offer – it sits as one of the four contexts.

Over session 2019/20, Education Scotland has worked with No Tosh, practitioners and partners using a design-thinking process to understand how we can realise our ambitions for IDL.

Download paper: PDF file: Interdisciplinary Learning: ambitious learning for a complex world.

In session 2020/21, we will build on the thinking and suggestions in the paper. This will include co-creating tools, resources and practices that build on the thinking and principles in the paper. We will share examples of how schools and partners are being ambitious through the development of bold IDL experiences.

We want to use this current period as an opportunity to begin the re-focus on IDL and what it can offer our children and young people. Now, maybe more than ever, schools need to be places where young people learn and develop rich knowledge and the skills to thrive in a future which is increasingly unpredictable.

The first case study is from Hazlehead School, Aberdeen, who share their whole school IDL approach during Term 4.

PDF file: Hazlehead School - case study (149 KB)

Wakelet with resources to support Hazlehead School's IDL

IDL at Grove Academy

We will be developing the following IDL opportunities:

  • Thriving in challenging circumstances with reference to current issues of COVID-19;
  • Creative Bravery with an opportunity to join the Creative Bravery Festival which will run from 21-27 September, 2020;
  • Scotland’s Culture with a focus on creativity and the arts;
  • Sustainability with a focus on Learning for sustainability.