Last Updated: Monday, March 20, 2023

Numeracy across learning - professional learning resource

What is this?

This resource is designed to promote professional dialogue during the planning or review of numeracy rich activities across the curriculum.

Who is this for?

Given that Numeracy across learning is the responsibility of all, this resource is for practitioners across all sectors working together to maximise the opportunities for developing numeracy skills across all areas of the curriculum.

This resource outlines the importance of Numeracy across learning and provides a number of structured tasks and reflective questions. It is designed to support practitioners and learners in making the most of opportunities to develop numeracy skills in other areas of the curriculum, to bring contexts into numeracy and maths learning and to develop numeracy through inter-disciplinary learning.

Improvement questions

  • What opportunities do you have as a practitioner to work with colleagues to discuss and plan for Numeracy Across Learning?
  • In what ways have you continued to refresh and enhance your approaches to Numeracy Across Learning?
  • What are the benefits for learners in taking a collegiate approach to planning?


PDF file: Numeracy across learning - Professional Learning resource (256 KB)

Word file: Numeracy and Mathematics Benchmarks (Word version)

PDF file: Numeracy and Mathematics Benchmarks (Gaelic Version)

PDF file: Numeracy across learning: Principles and practice

PDF file: Àireamhachd tar-ionnsachaidh

PDF file: Fresh approaches to interdisciplinary learning