Last Updated: Thursday, June 09, 2022

Support for literacy skills in GME

What is this?

​As part of national planning for Gaelic, Education Scotland commissioned Sabhal Mòr Ostaig to produce materials to promote improvement in literacy skills through Gaelic. These materials may be used to put interventions in place to help raise attainment.

Who is this for?

​This resource is designed for use by those who support the development of literacy, including across learning, at the secondary stages and beyond.

How do I use this as part of self-evaluation and self-improvement?

The downloadable documents on this page may be used alongside the advice and frameworks resources listed below to enable practitioners to explore their practice as part of self‑evaluation leading to self‑improvement:

Challenge questions

A few challenge questions are provided to facilitate this professional enquiry:

  • How well is the curriculum developing young people’s skills in literacy through the medium of Gaelic across the four contexts of learning?
  • How well are approaches to raising attainment improving outcomes for children and young people in Gaelic Medium Education (GME)?
  • How well do we monitor and track progress in literacy through Gaelic across the curriculum?
  • How well do we use evidence from attainment meetings, professional dialogue and assessments to measure progress over time and, in particular, at points of transition?
  • How effective are our systems to remove barriers to learning and ensuring equity for all in GME?
  • How well do we utilise accreditation where appropriate, to recognise the literacy skills of young people in GME?


PDF file: Passage 1 - correcting errors with explanations (240 KB)

PDF file: Passage 2 - correcting errors with explanations (206 KB)

PDF file: Common errors with explanations (235 KB)

PDF file: Glossary of grammar terms (45 KB)

PDF file: Grammar terms and explanation (253 KB)

PDF file: Grammar quiz and answers (237 KB)

PDF file: Information on dialects (312 KB)

This PowerPoint presentation summarises the main points of grammar in Gaelic.

Powerpoint presentation: Cànan is Gràmair na Gàidhlig (747 KB)