Last Updated: Friday, September 11, 2020

Practitioner support for online remote learning

What is this?

The following links are intended to support practitioners in developing online opportunities for learning at home, should a blended model of learning be required. The resources will be supplemented as time goes on.

Who is this for?

All practitioners who are planning for online learning.

Scotland Learns - Practitioners newsletter

We will publish a newsletter for practitioners with suggestions for learning activities for literacy and English, numeracy and mathematics, health and wellbeing and contexts for learning that will focus on other areas of the curriculum as well as Gaelic Medium Education. These are intended to complement the work you are already carrying out in school, establishments and local authorities and should be linked to class learning where appropriate.

We will also be sharing news, resources and helpful links as well as information to help you support parents and carers, and ideas from sharing practice from across Scotland. You can access learning activities at Scotland Learns.

Education Scotland support during COVID-19

female using laptop and mobile phoneThe online offer from Education Scotland supports practitioners in four key areas:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Learning, teaching and assessment
  • Learning at home
  • Remote leadership of learning and teams

More resources will be added as we continue to consult with practitioners and identify needs.

Health and wellbeing

Learning, teaching and assessment

Mossend Primary Four Capacities displayFind advice, guidance and considerations for practitioners - Learning and Teaching Online.

Where are the learning opportunities during COVID-19 for learning across the four contexts? Ideas and suggestions can be found on the Refreshed Curriculum for Excellence Narrative resources page.

Resources to support online learning are also available for the following areas:

Curriculum support

Area support

Live Digital Skills Webinars

Webinars to support learning at home

Catch Up

Local authority remote learning hubs

Some local authorities are making resources available through their remote learning hubs:

Professional Learning and Leadership

You will also find useful blog posts and Professional Learning Activities on the Professional Learning and Leadership website:

Learning at home

Boy using tabletGuidance and support for parents and carers on learning at home is available on the Parentzone Scotland website:

Remote leadership of learning and teams

Guidance and support for school and system leaders:

  • Guidance related to COVID-19 (4 September 2020) - COVID-19 guidance from various sources collated into one document so it is easier to find the information you need. This document will be updated regularly.
  • Remote learning glossary - A helpful glossary of terms to clarify the language that should be used by school and system leaders when discussing remote learning.
  • Global responses to education recovery during COVID-19 - Articles and blog posts detailing the response and experiences of international education leaders to school closures.
  • ES Big Blethers - Sign up to one of our virtual meets where different groups of educators can connect online to discuss issues they are working through and, where relevant, to share resources or to highlight interesting practice. You can also tell us what you want to ‘blether’ about, If you would like to see a virtual meet organised on a specific topic please let us know here
  • School and System Leader Blogs - Read about the experiences and responses of Scottish school and system leaders to Covid-19.