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The Art of Learning (1)

What is this?

​​​A toolkit of resources that draw on the experience of a large teacher development programme in which artists and teachers worked together to co-deliver classroom activities, using a creative learning pedagogy.

Who is this for?

​Aimed at practitioners and school leaders in primary schools this resource will be valuable to all educators interested in creative learning approaches​.

​How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice?

​Improvement questions:

  • ​Are your learners using all of their higher order thinking skills by engaging in creative learning?​
  • Do you have a clear understanding of creativity skills and how they can be developed in your classroom?
  • Are there opportunities to engage the least engaged in your classroom, through empowering imagination, exploration, creation, problem solving and highly visible outcomes?


PDF file: Lesson Plan 1: Speed Graffitti (digital) (131 KB)

PDF file: Lesson Plan 2: Yes, Let’s (drama) (137 KB)

PDF file:​ Lesson Plan 3: Changing Spaces (visual art and outdoor learning) (94 KB)

​​​PDF file: Things That Work (visual) (1.3 MB)​​​​​​

Things that work exemplarExplore this exemplar

​​The Art of Learning took place over two years and involved primary schools from East, North and South Ayrshire. Eleven primary schools took part in 2016-17. Five of these consolidated their learning in a second project year, 2017-18.​

The project had multiple objectives but at its heart sought to develop the teaching practices of primary school teachers whilst exploring the connection between executive functions, creativity skills and learning.

The artists involved worked across six different art forms: visual arts, literature, theatre, music, dance and digital. Each year of the project was captured on film in a series of short two to three minute films, covering the approaches taken and the impact on teaching and learning (see below).

Three of the lesson plans that were used in the project are available and can be used as a stimulus for developing your own creative learning experiences (lesson plans are the intellectual property of Creativity Culture and Education).

An infographic of Things That Worked is also available, highlighting the simple approaches and elements deployed during the project that any practitioner can build into their practice to improve and embed creative learning.

The resources offer an insight into a creative learning pedagogy which can engage learners in new ways, challenging them to use all of their higher order thinking skills, take responsibility for their own learning, and develop executive functions. This is turn can support more effective learning and behaviours in the classroom.

As a practitioner you might use this resource to reflect on your own pedagogy and practice and take small steps to embed creative learning in your own classroom.

As a school leader you might use this resource to begin a journey towards a new model of partnership working with artists or creatives that develops teaching practice in your own school and has a sustained impact on the quality of teaching and learning. The Art of Learning was a partnership project led by Education Scotland, Creative Scotland and Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE), funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


​The Art of Learning Year One Playlist

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​The Art of Learning Year Two​ Playlist​

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