Last Updated: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Environment: Questions for Learning

What is this?

A book promoting interdisciplinary learning through the contexts of the environment and Learning for Sustainability.

Who is this for?

This book is for practitioners who are curious and who like to ask questions about the environment, the world and our place in it. The book can help practitioners develop approaches to interdisciplinary learning and to embedding Learning for Sustainability in their practice.

Cover of The Environment - Questions for LearningAbout this book

Karen L. Currie is a Scottish-born educator and author, now living in Brazil. Over a decade ago she asked a question to the teachers in her municipality? What can I do to support your practice? Their request was for ideas to support interdisciplinary learning to help them improve their practice. Karen started to write down ideas to take to the meetings with the teachers. These generated discussions about good questions to ask and about how to make connections in learning. The confidence of the teachers grew and they started to generate their own ideas and practice and share them freely with each other. Quite naturally, many of the ideas and themes started to form around the themes of the environment and sustainability. A vibrant learning network of practitioners was born.

Karen’s book, The Environment: Questions for Learning, captures many of the ideas and questions that provided sparks along the way. This book has been a labour of love, patiently stitched together over many years. Karen has kept a watchful eye on education in Scotland and is a supporter of the way we have embedded interdisciplinary learning and Learning for Sustainability within Scotland’s curriculum. She approached Education Scotland in 2021 to ask if we could help her share her book as widely as possible. Her only desire is to get the ideas out far and wide. As with the teachers in Brazil, she is offering these questions and ideas to get things started. Her real ambition though is for educators to be confident enough to generate and share their own questions and ideas with colleagues, learners and more broadly in the community.

We hope you enjoy this book – dip in and out or read it in one go. Follow a question to see where it will lead you and learners – probably to another question, as all good questions do! And if this book provides a spark or moment of revelation in your practice – don’t keep it to yourself! Pass it on! Who knows what impact it might have…?

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This book has been ten years in the making.

It started from small seeds – little ideas that were shared with practitioners to improve their approaches to interdisciplinary learning. From those scattered seeds, a mighty tree has grown – as depicted by the beautiful illustration on the front cover.

The author has generously shared this book so that as many people in Scotland, and around the world, can benefit.

The only ask of those who engage with the book is that they, in turn, create ideas of their own to share with others.

The journey of the seeds must continue, for they must become a forest if we are to build a more sustainable and equitable world for all.

Education Scotland would like to thank Karen for her generosity in allowing us to distribute her book.

The book has been revised by Dilys Rose.

Publish date: Sept 2021.


PDF file: The Environment: Questions for Learning (2.5 MB)