Last Updated: Monday, January 23, 2023

Wellbeing Profile: Glasgow Motivation and Wellbeing Profile (GMWP)

What is this?

This page provides a suggested guide to support tracking the wellbeing of learners schools and educational establishments.

Who is this for?

Local authority staff, managers and practitioners in early years, primary and secondary school settings who support the wellbeing of children and young people.

The GMWP (Glasgow Motivation and Wellbeing Profile) is a 20 item questionnaire that explores motivation and sense of wellbeing in the learning context. It elicits children and young people’s views of themselves and their emotions; it gives them an opportunity to reflect on their feelings and current experiences and encourages them to consider how they can increase their own determination, motivation and sense of wellbeing.

Explore this resource

The GMWP (Glasgow Motivation and Wellbeing Profile) was originally developed by Glasgow City Council’s Educational Psychology Service to support monitoring and tracking of the wellbeing of children and young people. It links with self determination theory and can support children and young people themselves evaluate their own wellbeing in line with the principles of Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC). It provides a useful and engaging tool which can assist schools, settings and local authorities in having meaningful dialogue in relation to evaluating progress in wellbeing and identifying next steps in supporting learner wellbeing.

How to use this resource

The tool can be used to monitor and track wellbeing over time within individual establishments across all sectors. It can be applied to individual pupils, groups of children or young people, a whole class or whole school or sector focus, depending on the data analysis. It could also be used authority wide to highlight trends across the estate and enable staff to focus on authority wide intervention and prevention measures.

It should be noted that this tool is intended to provide a means of evaluating progress in wellbeing as part of the ongoing assessment process and the tool is not a validated assessment.

See guidance (PDF) on the background and how to use the wellbeing tool.

PDF file: Wellbeing Profile - Glasgow Motivation and Wellbeing Profile (GMWP) - January 2023 (401 KB)

Excel file: GMWP Master data analysis sheet (1.8 MB)

Improvement questions

  • How might you use the wellbeing profile to ensure the wellbeing needs of all children and young people are met?
  • Consider how you could use the data to help triangulate information collected from observations and conversations.
  • Whilst evaluating the progress of learner wellbeing, how will you ensure their voice is at the heart of deciding next steps?


How to prepare the Microsoft Glow Form for use with pupils in your school or setting

How to transfer data from the Microsoft Glow form to the GMWP Master analysis sheet

How to analyse the data on the GMWP Master analysis sheet